French Canadian Father Admits To Raping His Daughter Since She Was 8-Years-Old

Ruthless incestuous pedophile: Jean-René Bien

Earlier today this filthy French Canadian octogenarian pleaded guilty to 8 counts of sexual assault, including incest. The whitemarish incidents occurred back in the early 70s. One of the victims, his daughter gave a sigh of relief.

She said that every time she heard the stairs creak, she hid under the covers and pretended to sleep but that didn’t stop her barbaric father to use her has his personal cum bucket!

Her father, Jean-René Bien, now 88 years old savagely fulfilled his perverted fantasies, up to full intercourse with two underage girls including his ugly daughter when she was only 8 years old.

“It was two to three times per week. He isolated me from my other sisters. I had to undergo surgery because of the sexual abuse I experienced.” Said the ugly victim.

solange brien
Her father’s cum bucket: Solange Bien

The sexual assaults which lasted for four years, occurred in the family home in Sainte-Anne-de-Larochelle. Solange Bien kept her father’s perverted secret for 40 years.

“I really lived a nightmare (she means WHITEmare). I have often been told to let them age in peace. But me, did they let me grow old in peace? Did I have a youth? No, I had to mourn the little girl I was”.

Although Jean-René, the incestuous pedophile refused to comment as he left the courthouse. “The prosecution intends to seek a sentence of imprisonment of several years, despite the age of the accused,” said attorney Stéphane Godri.

The victim had also wanted her mother to be charged. “My mother sent me to him. She sent me down to get vegetables in the cellar, we stayed there for an hour. She knew what was happening. I was disappointed because when they arrested my father both have confessed. ”

couple of incestuous pedophiles
Partners in crime: The Pedophile and his wife


Although Jean-René will return to court on October 16th. There will be a pre-sentence report.

“Today his confession, is for me the beginning of my recovery, concludes Solange Bien, now aged 51.

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