Barbaric, Coprophagous, Mutant, Perversion, scat lovers, Self Destructive, White Brutish Behavior, White Savagery



Dung is part of a honk’s complete breakfast!

tossing salad

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Cynical Afrikan

Creatures who classify themselves as white are the most evil, perverted entities in the known universe. And I,Cynical Afrikan, makes it my duty to expose them for what they truly are: psychopathic murderous sexual terrorists. With my website, people are starting to realised who they are dealing with. That's why White creatures hate and they don't want you to know about my site. Welcome to Cynical Afrikan Blog, where we take a cynical look at white creatures... Because there is no such thing as a good white creature.

3 comments on “Dungalingus

  1. Why are these beings on earth? What is the purpose?

  2. soforealthereem on said:

    I’m done with these fools man.

    As always!

  3. Umoja on said:

    I need to re-group. This is a bit much. Boy!…. have we been deceived!! Those deemed “whites” are cleverly disguised as human. Can we please have a holocaust for these “people” already…..sigh. I think I’ve seen it all……there is no limit to their sexual deviance.

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