White Child Care Worker Arrested For Raping A 14-Year-Old Boy


A southern Indiana “white” counselor for troubled youth has admitted to having sex with a 14-year-old boy she was supposed to be helping. Instead the honkstress helped her savage self.

Former Childplace Inc. employee, 27-year-old Megan Ralston, turned herself in Wednesday. She faces sexual misconduct charges.

The 14-year-old was enrolled in the agency’s residential treatment program.

According to court documents, Ralston admitted to law enforcers she and the teen had sex at the Jeffersonville counseling center and also in a Childplace Inc. van on numerous occasions.

The whore told investigators she thought the boy was attractive and admitted to having romantic feelings for him.

She also admitted to giving the victim $120 in exchange for a love letter she wrote him when he told her he was going to report her pale nasty ass.

But during a later cop interview, Ralston changed her story, saying the teen forced her to have sex.

The teen’s mother wanted to talk to local news. She says her son is the victim.

“She started confiding in him and started to talking to him and from there, she started telling him she had feelings for him and how much of an adult he is, and it ensued from there,” said the victim’s mother, Jamie Glover.

“She was in a position of authority over this juvenile, and when persons are in such a position, there is a higher standard of conduct that the law requires you adhere to. In this case, she did violate that responsibility,” said Clark Co. Prosecutor Jeremy Mull.

Ralston was placed in jail on a $25,000 bond.

Childplace Inc. issued a statement saying, “Childplace has required and continues to require the highest level of professionalism from its staff. The staff member allegedly involved is no longer employed by Childplace.”

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Pedophiles, perverts, bestiality, murder, terrorism and the like. Cynical Afrikan exposes the socially mal-adaptive practices of the most destructive beings in the known universe: Creatures who classify themselves as white.

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  1. mgarvey on said:

    here we go again!

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