Luciferian Kills Her 2-Year-Old Daughter By Smashing Her Head Into Wall



Chelsea Huggett, 21, is behind bars after law enforcement officials say she confessed to getting so angry at her 2-year-old’s “whining” that she slammed the girl’s head into a wall, killing her.

Cops were called to the savage’s home on April 26, where her daughter, 2-year-old Aliyah Marie Branum, was found not breathing and unresponsive. The baby killer initially blamed her boyfriend for the child’s condition, saying that her daughter had ingested bug spray he had spilled.

Aliyah was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead a short time later. What the medical staff found did not back up Huggett’s bug spray story, however. Not by a long shot.

Aliyah had bruises all over her body, including her face, head, arms, legs, back, shoulders, and vaginal area. One eye was swollen shut, blood was coming out of mouth and nose, and yellow fluid was coming from both ears.The medical examiner would find Aliyah suffered a frontal skull fracture above the right eye, and hemorrhaging over her entire brain area. He would state the cause of death as blunt force trauma, and rule Aliyah’s death a homicide.

When cops interviewed Huggett again, she finally admitted that she had been getting increasingly frustrated at Aliyah’s neediness and always wanting to sit in her lap. She said that she’d been shaking her daughter periodically, including the day she died.

On the day of Aliyah’s death, Huggett admitted to shaking the child because she would not “shut the fuck up.” She then used her hand to cover her mouth and nose to muffle her cries.

Then, with Aliyah’s name and birth date tattooed on her chest, she slammed the toddler’s head into a wall and headbutted her. This would knock Aliyah unconscious and, ultimately, kill her.

Chelsea Huggett, who is eight months pregnant, was arrested and charged with first degree murder and aggravated child abuse.
The Department of Children and Families investigated Huggert at least twice since Aug 2012, but said they never found any reason to remove Aliyah.

R.I.P. (Rot In Piss)
R.I.P. (Rot In Piss)
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Pedophiles, perverts, bestiality, murder, terrorism and the like. Cynical Afrikan exposes the socially mal-adaptive practices of the most destructive beings in the known universe: Creatures who classify themselves as white.

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  2. This is common for them. My hospital is filled with these “moms” who abuse and burn their children.

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