I’m Pregnant With My Dad’s Baby And We Are So In Love

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incest dad daughter

A 28-year-old honkstress who tracked down her long-lost father has revealed that she is pregnant with his baby.

Penny Lawrence went in search of her father Gerry Ryan following the death of her mother and grandparents. According to reports she eventually found Dublin-born Ryan in Houston, Texas.

After meeting, the pair of savages embarked on a whitemarish sexual relationship which resulted in Lawrence becoming pregnant. However, they have insisted that their attraction is the result of Genetic Sexual Attraction, a term previously created by Barbara Gonyo to describe the feelings between “white” parents and their children – as well as siblings – who meet as adults.

“We are not committing incest, but are victims of GSA,” Lawrence shamelessly said. “We’ve never experienced a father-daughter relationship, so we’re just like any other strangers who meet in adulthood.”

Ryan expressed fears that laws could see the couple separated, but added: “It’s no different than if I met Penny in a bar. I’d have fallen for her as I have now. It doesn’t feel [like] we are doing anything wrong.”

The pair said that if the three-month scan of their baby shows no birth defects, they will remain together and raise the child.

Discussing GSA, Lawrence explained: “I did some research into it. I was stunned that some brothers and sisters, daughters and dads and mothers and sons were actually living happily as man and wife.”

However, her father pointed out: “GSA isn’t recognised in court.”

These honks are shameless…

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Pedophiles, perverts, bestiality, murder, terrorism and the like. Cynical Afrikan exposes the socially mal-adaptive practices of the most destructive beings in the known universe: Creatures who classify themselves as white.

7 comments on “I’m Pregnant With My Dad’s Baby And We Are So In Love

  1. Soforeal on said:

    Good God. i feel like throwing up right now, my skin is just crawling. how do you pipe daughter? good god i’m just shaking my head.

  2. Soforeal on said:

    *typo* your daughter

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  5. I love how they make up names for their sickness.

  6. DarkBeauty on said:

    Sickness is in their genes. That’s why they try to normalize their perverse behavior with pseudo-intellectual medical phrases. Caucaderthals are perverts to the core.

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