High School Librarian And Prison Chief Arrested In Plot To Kidnap, Cook And Eat Women And Children

Robert ‘Chris’ Asch

This former high school librarian and a prison chief were arrested today for plotting to kidnap, cook and then eat women and children.

The two arrests on Monday morning stemmed from an investigation into ‘cannibal cop’ Gilberto Vale who was convicted on similar charges last month.

Robert ‘Chris’ Asch, 61, is the former male librarian from New York’s prestigious Stuyvesant High School who was arrested by the FBI in his Greenwich Village apartment Monday morning.

In a profile on the site imagefap, Asch shared his whitemarish fantasies of torturing and raping a woman, and hoped to do so with a group of like-minded honks.

His co-conspirator Richard Meltz, a 65-year-old who was the chief of law enforcement at a veterans hospital in Massachusetts, was also arrested on Sunday in Rockaway, New Jersey.
richard meltz
According to reports, Asch and Meltz were charged with kidnapping conspiracy.

The FBI has not explained how Asch and Meltz are connected to Vale, but local media reports that an undercover officer was used in investigating their plot.

Reports say that the FBI came into contact with Asch when he responded to an online ad where someone had posted that they wanted help kidnapping, raping and kill his wife, sister-in-law and the sister-in-law’s children.

The ad was posted in October and Asch met with undercover FBI agents to discuss a similar plot in recent months.

At two of the meetings, he brought items that he reportedly thought would be useful including a taser, a black ski mask, handcuffs, a hammer, pliers and forceps.

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Pedophiles, perverts, bestiality, murder, terrorism and the like. Cynical Afrikan exposes the socially mal-adaptive practices of the most destructive beings in the known universe: Creatures who classify themselves as white.

6 comments on “High School Librarian And Prison Chief Arrested In Plot To Kidnap, Cook And Eat Women And Children

  1. Soforeal on said:

    wtf! as long as blk people are not on his target list
    honky can carry on.

  2. mgarvey on said:

    barbaric demonic mutant degenerates

  3. EyesWideOpen on said:

    Notice how most of these caucanderthal degenerates are gainfully employed (upper) middle class? Even knowing how racist the ‘Just Us’ system is, I’d love to see a comparison of crime statistics between (upper) middle class blacks and whites. For the most part, blacks with good jobs = law abiding happy campers, whereas whites with good jobs = discontents (potentially) committing the most depraved, perverted crimes imaginable.

    Wonder if you’re site is getting hacked. This is the message I got first time trying to submit this comment:
    Spam Free WordPress could not retrieve the password from the server. It may be necessary to do one, or all, of the following. Turn on the Old Password Fields option, turn off Nonce Security, or to turn on Generate Comment Form. Troubleshooting.

    • nicoleizhername on said:

      That’s the exact message I got a few weeks back when I tried to reply to a few of Brotha Afrikans’ Posts. I thought I was the only one.

    • Cynical Afrikan on said:

      I strongly suspect that honks are behind this…

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