7 comments on “Do The Harlem Shizzit

  1. Umoja on said:

    This is scary……we’re going to see much more of these knuckle-dragging ,cave-dwellers openly revealing what and who they truly are…….savage filthy beast. We are in a global paradigm shift. They are the glitches in humanity. Their fear of extinction is numbered and definite.

    • nicoleizhername on said:

      I agree about the paradigm shift. They are simply reverting back to their nature as we are being reconnected more & more to ours.

      • Umoja on said:

        I GAURANTEE YOU, the Honks will come along and capitalize on this and place many stipulations and enormous fees on home-schooling, making it tedious and hard to home-school. Honks love it when Blacks are Europeanized , self-hating, and self-rejecting—the end INTENTIONAL result of their incompetent schools.

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  3. I agree that the beast will add stipulations for us. Like they do with black farmers.

    • nicoleizhername on said:

      Umoja/DiaryofaNegress-I agree with U both. I remember a story that was told about Black Women who could make batter-fried chicken. People would be around the block just to get it and U know who got so jealous of their success that they taxed them right out of business. I also remember hearing about many Black Communities in the south that didn’t want their children integrated. It took the naacp to threaten them with no funding and otha resources to cosign that mess. Garvey is anotha example. I was just trying to highlight how Black Folks are trying and that we haven’t given up on ourselves and each otha. I get so tired of the negative images, but they neva want to tell these inspiring stories in our communities. It’s their job. I am not delusional. I honestly feel that the only way we gon make it is to start taking heads. Be Smart. Stay Low. Regulate.

      • Umoja on said:

        Totally agree. Braiding hair has always been part of African culture. Some Black women have made ends meet with this talent…..along came the Honk who said Black women are no longer allowed to do so unless they have a license ; that would include those who go house to house braiding family members, friends hair for a fee. ANYTHING to thwart progress and success!! If Blacks desire to open a hair/weave shop-( which they should discontinue and ban all together)–there are many stipulations to thwart the opening and ownership of said shop, BUT, the Honks GIVE the Chinese complete monopoly on these products and money is freely and easily provided to open these shops across the nation….INTENTIONALLY!!! It is INTENTIONAL to keep the global African populous on the bottom of the totem pole in addition…..all tactics of genocide, depopulation, and to break the bond between the Black man and Black woman—thwart procreation, but …date and breed these nasty savage beast is propagated world-wide, along with homosexuality, lesbianism )

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