7 comments on “The Dog And The Blond

  1. Notice how it’s a big, black dog?

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  3. nicoleizhername on said:

    I’m just curious about something and I want you to please confirm this for me…Are these pictures/Videos that you find, are they like I don’t know 5+ years old. I mean it’s no way these “beings” are still acting like this in the 21st century right???

    • Cynical Afrikan on said:

      The video about that honk sucking on her tampon is pretty recent same thing for the shit eating honk. This type of demonic behavior is their culture. It ain’t no THANG to them. This shit has been going on throughout their history. They’ll keep on doing this shit forever.

      • nicoleizhername on said:

        I just wanted anybody who ain’t Us or just everybody who don’t want to believe it to go ahead and face facts. You can’t make this shit up. You just can’t.

  4. jon_g on said:

    Some would say, “They were three; their dog being the fourth, while others would say, “Five; the sixth being their dog, as they guessed. Others said, “Seven, and the eighth was their dog. Say, “My Lord is the best knower of their number. -The Quran [Sura 18:22], The Cave (Al-Kahf)

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