Naked Honk Breaks Into Home, Masturbates On The Floor And Shits Everywhere


A Florida homeowner’s desperate 911 call reveals the moment a naked home invader broke into his family’s home before masturbating on the floor and shitting throughout the house.

‘He dropped off my roof and ran right into my house!’ the terrified owner told law enforcement dispatch in North Fort Myers, according to reports. ‘I don’t know who the Hell he is – he’s naked and he’s running in my damn house!’

Gregory Matthew Bruni, 21, of Venice was Tasered into submission by cops on Monday night after he stormed the home after first dropping onto the homeowner from its rooftop.

The frightened victim told law enforcers he had gone outside to inspect loud noises on his roof around 6.50pm that night when the naked honk jumped off it, partially landing on top of him.

The naked honk next ran inside the home where the victim left his wife before pulling a 72-inch television off the wall, breaking it on the living room floor.

The naked savage then grabbed a wet/dry vacuum cleaner and emptied its liquid contents on the floor. Officers say he later sucked it up in his mouth.

At this moment the husband told his wife to grab a gun from a back room. When she returned she fired three shots from a .38 caliber revolver at Bruni but missed, hitting a wall instead.

Possibly reacting to the shots, Bruni fell to the ground of their living room but began masturbating himself instead of cowering.

‘He’s lying on my floor. He ran in my fucking house naked hooting and hollering and tearing shit up!’ the homeowner yelled on the line to cops.

The naked beast next ran into the victim’s son’s bedroom according to the victim where he started rubbing his face into articles of clothing he found.

The homeowner then grabbed a shotgun from the master bedroom and used it to hold Bruni until cops arrived.

‘Lay down, mother fucker, lay down!’ the homeowner is heard shouting over the phone.

Upon officers’ arrival they described Bruni as speaking but without making any sense.

He tried to escape law enforcers several times prompting officers to use a Taser on him to get him under control.

He was taken to Lee Memorial Hospital where doctors were unable to immediately identify ‘what Bruni was on,’ according to reports.

They said further tests were underway.

Bruni faces charges of damage to property, burglary, battery and resisting an officer.

Officers later discovered that Bruni took a shit near the home’s front door and in the home’s hallway as well, according to reports.

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Pedophiles, perverts, bestiality, murder, terrorism and the like. Cynical Afrikan exposes the socially mal-adaptive practices of the most destructive beings in the known universe: Creatures who classify themselves as white.

4 comments on “Naked Honk Breaks Into Home, Masturbates On The Floor And Shits Everywhere

  1. Power! on said:

    Damn, I was eating and I see this f**kery! WTH?!

  2. Princess Rodman on said:

    Ah yes , the Florida wildlife is one of a kind indeed. We have a unique array of specimens to choose from too. Our local residents tend to be the best selections. I think it’s something in the swamp water personally-what say you?

    • Umoja on said:

      Swamp water? Nah, it’s all in the genes, all in the genes….yet these are your run of the mill genetic fuck ups…..honks

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