Western Wisconsin Law Enforcement Chief Charged With Homo Sex With Teens

gary wayerski

As chief of law enforcement, Gary Wayerski wasn’t just the top cop in Wheeler, he was the only cop in the Western Wisconsin village of 300 people.

He’d made a good impression since being hired for the part-time job a year ago. In fact, two weeks ago a group of citizens petitioned the village board to increase his status to fulltime.

This week that support evaporated as residents learned their 55-year-old law enforcement chief has been arrested and charged with luring in, and molesting two teenage boys.

“Stunned” and “Shocked” were the words Steve Crites used to describe his reaction to the charges. Nothing to be stunned or shocked about that’s what “white” males do. Faggotry and pedophilia is their creed.

The Wheeler Village Board President helped hire wheeler for the 20-hour-a-week job a year ago.

Wayerski’s world began to unravel after two boys, ages 16 and 17, were arrested in March for breaking into a local church. The teens told Dunn County Sheriff’s investigators the perverted law enforcement chief offered to mentor them and teach them karate.

Instead the boys say the faggot cop spiked their energy drinks with alcohol, showed them pornography and repeatedly molested them over several visits to his apartment in Menomonie, threatening to send them to juvenile detention if they told.

It’s not the law enforcement chief people in Wheeler thought they knew. “Yeah, I used to stand out here and he’d stop and talk to me and my kids,” said Travis Tollefson outside his home. “Nicest guy in the world, I thought.”

Wayerski has been charged with nine counts, including misconduct while in office, child enticement and exposing a child to harmful material.

Court documents say Wayerski told investigators he has a pornography addiction. When the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department confiscated his computer, the hard drive was missing. He told investigators a UW-Stout student who was staying with him had used the computer to view “kiddy porn.”

Wayerski is being held in the Chippewa County jail to keep him away from inmates with whom he may have had contact in his role as a law enforcement officer. Wayerski also did part-time work for other area departments.

The village has placed Wayerski on administrative leave. “Boy you hope something like this never happens in your lifetime. You hope it never happens ever,” said Crites.

The Dunn County Sheriff’s Department is providing law enforcement protection for Wheeler now that its only law enforcement officer is in jail.

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Pedophiles, perverts, bestiality, murder, terrorism and the like. Cynical Afrikan exposes the socially mal-adaptive practices of the most destructive beings in the known universe: Creatures who classify themselves as white.

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