Rather Than Clean His Room A Honk Kills His Dad Then Lights Him On Fire

baron von duke vercruysse

The year just started and we already got a runner up for the barbarian of the year award.

This whitemarish beast from New Port Richey accused of killing his father and setting a fire to hide the crime was denied bail this afternoon during his first court appearance in Pasco County.

Baron Von Duke Vercruysse, 23, was arrested Tuesday and charged with arson and first degree murder. Judge W. Lowell Bray Jr. set no bail on the count of murder. A bond of $150,000 was set on the arson charge. He was also assigned a public defender, although Vercruysse told Bray he made, “two grand a month.”

Vercruysse and his father, Rene Dominique Vercruysse, 52, were arguing on Dec. 31 at their 5617 Mosaic Drive home, according to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. Deputies and Pasco Fire Rescue responded to the house at 10:20 p.m. to douse flames coming from the home.

The argument was based on the cleanliness of the younger Vercruysse’s room, according to an arrest report.

At some point during the argument, the 23-year-old savage grabbed his father’s legs, forcing him to fall backwards onto his head. The fall caused a head injury, one of numerous signs of trauma, according to the sheriff’s office. Baron Von Duke Vercruysse then dragged his father’s body from the master bathroom to a spot near the elder Vercruysse’s bed inside the master bedroom.

Authorities said Baron Von Duke Vercruysse then grabbed a container of gasoline from the garage, poured fuel on his father’s body, and lit it.

Once it was determined blunt force trauma to the head was the cause of the death and not the fire, detectives began searching for the son.

Rene Dominique Vercruysse the victim. May He Rest In Piss!
Rene Dominique Vercruysse the victim. May He Rest In Piss!
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