Myrtle Beach Child Rapist On The Loose

*Hat Tip: Freya Mórani

This sexual terrorist who was convicted last week of raping a young girl has disappeared.

Authorities are now looking for Brent Egan Dotson, 56, who failed to show up for his trial last week.

The trial in Horry County went on anyway and Dotson was convicted “in absentia.”

Authorities say that the victim who is now 10-years-old was molested between 2009 and 2010 — when she was just six years old.

The victim’s mother, Danni, said Tuesday, a conversation with the child’s grandmother about the right way a barbaric honk should touch her brought the details of what Dotson did to light when the girl was eight.

“Brent had been touching her. Performing oral sex on her. And, this part’s hard for me,” Danni said crying. “He was actually penetrating her.”

Dotson was charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor Under 11 in May 2011.

Dotson dated Danni’s mom for more than two years. He was around the victim and her three brothers every day, and Danni did not suspect a thing. I guess he’s what you call a SMOOTH OPERATOR!!!

“He was all my kids’ friend,” she said. “He made them laugh and he played with them. He painted my daughter’s nails and played with her. He has twin daughters of himself so we never thought this is something he would do.”

But now that Danni and her family know Dotson is not the man they thought he was, all she wants for her daughter this Christmas is peace.

“We want him found,” she said. “We want him brought in. We want to save other little girls… We want justice for my daughter. We want her to be able to sleep at night. She hasn’t slept in her bed since she came forward.”

Since he was found guilty, Dotson is facing a mandatory sentence of 25 years, but cannot be added to the sex offender registry until he is officially sentenced.

Crimestoppers is offering $1000 for his capture and the bonding company is offering another $5000.

He is 5 feet, 5 inches tall whitemarish beast, has a shark tattoo on his upper right arm and is known to always wear a hat. Dotson was last known to be in Myrtle Beach.

wanted child rapist

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  1. He was such a nice guy, he painted her nails and made her laugh. I had no idea he wanted to screw my little girl. All he had to do was ask. **in a sick whiny white female voice**

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