4 comments on “Small Penis Contest

  1. Orimi Ja Funmi on said:

    CYNICAL! CYNICAL! CYNICAL! Geeeeeeeeeeeee… My hair is on fire! OMGoodness!

    This explains the psychopaths’ absolute fascination with NW, especially Afrikan males. This is more proof as to why they harbor so much insane malice and the obsession with their need to destroy us. It also helps to explain their misogyny and natural homosexuality


    • Cynical Afrikan on said:

      This is definitely what Dr Frances Cress Welsing was talking about in her book. They feel inadequate. This also reminds me of Dr Marimba Ani’s book Yurugu which is an incomplete being.

  2. nicoleizhername on said:

    I just can’t with the contest, but tell me something: why the hell are they all comfortable being butt-ball naked and that close to each other? I couldn’t get past that.
    BTW this is also very telling with their “Black Women Look like men” BS. Projection Somebody!!!

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