White Talent Agent Charged With Rape Of A 14-Year-Old Singer

Murfreesboro cops have arrested a so-called talent agent for sexual assaulting a young singer he was hired to manage.

Sixty-six-year-old Ronald Hicks has been charged with raping a 14-year-old client who he promised to help make a star. Investigators said Hicks convinced the child’s parents to let him take her to Murfreesboro to meet a band and then savagely raped her.

“While they were in Murfreesboro they went to a local hotel parking lot where he sexually assaulted her,” explained Kyle Evans, Murfreesboro Law Enforcement Spokesperson.

The teen’s mother said she trusted Hicks enough to sign him as her daughter’s personal manager. She believed he could help her child realize her dream.

“She wants to be a star. I mean it’s not so important that she would destroy her family or destroy herself for it,” said the teen’s mother.

Well what kind of star did your “white” daughter want to become? A pornstar? Because this peckerwood looks like a child porn producer if you ask me! 

The mother said Hick’s sexually ravaged her daughter and her daughter kept the rape a secret for months until tearfully confessing one night.

“Remember all those times you asked me if Ron was ever doing anything and I promised I’d tell you if he was? She said, well he was,” her mother explained.

Kimberly Frank is an agent with Talent Trek, one of the mid-state’s most reputable talent agencies. She said the Hick’s case is a cautionary tale for all parents of young performers

“Parents need to do a lot of homework and list questions when you go talk with someone,” said Frank.

The rapist was arrested after a grand jury indicted him for rape, sexual exploitation of a minor and two counts sexual battery by an authority figure. He was being held in the Rutherford County jail on a $100,000 bond.

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