4 comments on “Butt-Flip

  1. Kushite Prince on said:

    @Cynical Afrikan That’s nasty as hell!lol These white mutants never cease to amaze me. Last year I saw this film Centipede. A buddy of mine rented it and it was too gross for me. These type of horror films are what white creatures consider entertaining. I could barely watch it without looking away. You can tell from this trailer what the film is about.

    • Cynical Afrikan on said:

      @Kushite Prince, these filthy mutants are insane. Who in the world would think to make such a film? Human centipede, wtf?
      I’m going to download that movie, thanks for letting me know about it. By the way you should check out the movie: A Serbian film. Here’s the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1T6YM7RE5wQ That movie redifines the peckerwood’s insanity.

      • Kushite Prince on said:

        Trust me brother,Centipede is very sick! The director is a demented and twisted man. I listened to your interview on the Tracy GMore program. I heard you talking about A Serbian Film. So I looked up the trailer and read some reviews. Baby porn? Sex with animals?? I read a review that said a man has sex with someone after their head is cut off!! WTF??? Are you serious?? Is that true? I really don’t think these people can be helped.
        They are totally different than black people. I don’t think we are related to them at all. Some believe they came from Africans. I used to think that–but not anymore. We are the original people on the planet.,that is true. But if they came from us it must have been after 100 mutations!LOL!! We are nothing like them! I may check out A Serbian Film. But it sounds WORSE than Centipede. I’m not sure I can stomach it though.lol

      • Cynical Afrikan on said:

        I will definitely check out centipede this weekend. These creatures not related to us at all. They are evil incarnate. A serbian film was sick. I almost gave up watching the whole thing after that new born porn scene. That movie clearly illustrates what kind of beast we’re up against.

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