A White Priest Sees Nothing Wrong In Making Children Lick Cream Off His Hairy White Filthy Legs

A “white” degenerate catholic priest from Poland has been forced to defend himself after pictures emerged of children licking cream off his hairy white legs.

The pictures show a perverted “initiation ceremony” at the Salesians’ high school in Lubin, southern Poland -which Father Marcin Kozyra, who is also the school’s principal, said was entirely innocent, and such ceremonies for first year pupils had taken place for years.

In the pictures, 13 year-old pupils, both girls and boys, are seen licking whipped cream off a “white” priest’s bare knees as well crawling up a flight of stairs.



The pedophile priest said he saw nothing wrong in his actions or the pictures being posted on the school’s website.

Parents of some pupils have come out in support of the priest in a letter, where they claimed that the whipped cream was actually shaving foam and nobody was forced to eat it.

Janina Jakubowska, from the board of trustees at the Lower Silesia Education Board told the Gazeta Wyborcza“not to judge the case too hastily. We do not know the exact circumstances.

“It was an initiation ceremony: maybe it was the kids idea.  

As always, creatures who classify themselves as “white” ALWAYS blame their victims. 


Local prosecutors launched an investigation after the photos were picked up by the national media, and have now said they will not press charges against Father Kozyra, but condemned his behaviour as ‘tasteless’.

But they added that although “this exceeded the limit of good taste, no crime was committed, with no sexual intent.”

Monika Sajkowska, from the Nobody’s Child Foundation , while agreeing that the intentions of the priest at the school may have been innocent, told Polskie Radio the behaviour as “inappropriate”.

“The children were manipulated into this. Limits were exceeded. But not, it appears, with any other intention other than having fun.”

The photographs of the initiation ceremony have now been removed from the school’s website.

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Pedophiles, perverts, bestiality, murder, terrorism and the like. Cynical Afrikan exposes the socially mal-adaptive practices of the most destructive beings in the known universe: Creatures who classify themselves as white.

5 comments on “A White Priest Sees Nothing Wrong In Making Children Lick Cream Off His Hairy White Filthy Legs

  1. Cynic,

    If only the public knew that the catholic priesthood was rooted in pedophilia.

  2. IMVOR444 on said:

    Yet ANOTHER palehide pedophile/pervert/SAVAGE!

  3. Bones on said:

    That’s a foot and a half away from his garbage. Yep he’s a pedo alright. A symbolic ritual of having semen licked off of his body and he gets away with it. Also sadomasochistic, climbing stairs on one’s knees like a submissive slave. I bet you’ll soon find a picture of this guy cross dressing in a dominatrix’s outfit and post it on this website. Bet.

  4. Surf Slap on said:

    Great posts, keep up the good work Cynical!!!!!

    Its Very Important that we show our children the putrid hideousness of thees humanoids. I understand that this is representative of all of them. Could never approve of my off spring reproducing with these creatures.

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