17 comments on “The Reason Why They Call Themselves Cowboys

  1. Bones on said:

    Is there a way that can that I can unsee this? (Screams)

  2. Cheezus H. Christ, ya know I think from time to time that I have seen everything until I get update from Cynical Afrikan. He always brings these animals sinking lower and lower. I sometimes wanna burn my eyes out after seeing some of this shit, but I gotta remember that cave people will always be cave people.

  3. Cynic:

    Is there a magic pill to erase this from my memory?

  4. nicoleizhername on said:

    Go Hard Or Go Home. They are starting to get at certain black-owned blogs for the truth a lot of posters are presenting in the form of information. I hope you don’t bow down. Anytime I have said anything to the tamahu in defense of the Afrikan Diasporan Family, it has always been based on facts not propaganda. It is hard for a lot of Black Folks to even go their in thinking these “beings” have done half the ish that has been said, until they “see” the proof. It’s hard to look at, but we have to. These same “beings” are teaching and adopting our children, cooking and serving some of us food, smiling at us and having pleasant small talk meanwhile at home they are into any and everything from beastiality/coprophilia/sodomy/pedophilia/bondage/cuckoldry and some other unhealthy mess. If it was them doing it to themselves then ok, but they coming into our family and forcing their sickness on us and we must fight back and hard. So Keep on doing U. You may have to post some images that are unimaginable to a lot of us, but if that’s what it takes to shake and wake a lot of us out of our sleep then so be it. Let’s Get It!!!

    • I agree with you. Way too many of us are in denial. What’s really sad is that the more we live around these “people” we’re starting to adopt their habits. I can’t think of anything scarier than that. Our people MUST wake up to the sickness around us. They want us to see their sexual perversions as “normal”. Maybe for them it is—but for us it is NOT.

      • nicoleizhername on said:

        Have U been watching the olympics….Black folks ova here talkn’ bout “I want to do this for my country and USA” What did Ras Kass say in nature of the threat “Jews don’t salute the fuckin’ swastika
        But niggas pledge allegiance to the flag that accosted ya” This is not the age of MLK. This is the Age of Oscar Grant, Treyvon Martin, Rekia Boyd, Aiyana Jones and not a damn thing has changed. We Betta Wake Up And Fast!!!

      • I agree 1000%! Too many of us are watching reality shows,sports,music videos and mindless sitcoms. We are too distracted with nonsense. Black people are very serious about NOT being serious. Meanwhile white folks are trying to wipe us off the planet.

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