White Judge And Her Cuckold Husband Exposed As Depraved Sexual Fetishists

Lori Douglas and Jack King

This diabolical couple from the province of Manitoba in Canada are what sexual terrorism is all about. Lori Douglas and Jack King are in the midst of a sexual scandal that exposes the depravity of creatures who classify themselves as “white” and their so called justice system. Lori Douglas is not just any judge. The sexual witch is the Chief Family Court Judge of Manitoba.

How can anyone accept her judgements on marriage and child custody when the following images are on the Internet?

The Bitch is wearing a dog collar and a chain around her white neck on the picture above. Below she’s polluting water with her filthy white self.

It all started when her perverted “white” husband, the lawyer Jack King solicited a black male, Alex Chapman to have gutter sex with her in 2003 and take pictures. She actually met Chapman twice and cooed over the size of his abs. The sexual witch wasn’t a judge yet, but certainly this perverted behavior disqualifies her.

Alex Chapman, victim of “white” sexual terrorism

“What do you think? Are you Interestinged?”  King asked Chapman in a May 8, 2003 email.

“I am making progress. She seems more interested at the moment in another woman + bondage, with her being the one tied up,” King wrote.

“She suggested this evening… that you should be invited out here,” King wrote three weeks later.

Now that her extracurricular activities have been exposed, the white judge Lori Douglas has painted herself as a victim of her husband’s “unimaginable betrayal in pursuit of mad and undisclosed fantasy.” She said she had no idea what he was doing with Chapman, his client in a 2003 divorce proceeding.

She wasn’t aware but yet the following pictures were found online:

  • Justice Douglas lies on a bed, eyes closed, her hands shackled to the bed frame.
  • A topless sexual witch Douglas, has a dog collar and chain around her “white” neck.
  • Her honor is pissing on the grass.
  • “Waiting for Black Cock.” Justice Douglas gives head to a man.

Chapman, the victim of this “white” terrorism, who accuses her of sexually harassing him didn’t mask his feelings.

“It’s almost like she was sexually depraved,” he told the panel  of the Canadian Judicial Council, the national body that governs the conduct of all judges.

There was no way Douglas wasn’t aware her husband, lawyer Jack King, was trying to entice him and other black men he knew into joining their sexual perverted world by sending him sado-masochistic pictures of Douglas, he said.

“The impression I got is (Douglas and King) were into this crazy sex stuff, but he wanted to go further. I’m under the impression she had to know. She clearly posed for those pictures. She’s a lawyer. She’s intelligent. She can’t be that naive,” he said.

Chapman believed Douglas was excited about the potential of expanding her sexual repertoire. He said he was disgusted but felt like he had no choice but to go along with King’s advances.

“He was always yelling at me, like bullying. He messed with my head, the man got into my head. I just wanted a divorce,” Chapman said. “He was brainwashing me with this stupidness.”

Chapman testified King began asking him questions about his personal life and invited him to coffee and lunch near the end of his divorce trial. But he said King only wanted to talk about Douglas, telling him to visit a porn website called Dark Cavern and look under the heading of “white princesses.” It was there Chapman first saw the explicit bondage photos of Douglas.

King sent several more photos in emails, he said. Members of the judicial council panel looked at 35 photos of  your Honor Douglas.

Chapman denied having any interest in a relationship with either Douglas or King and offered a variety of remedies to anyone who thinks he is lying — being hypnotized, taking a polygraph test or having the FBI analyze his diary entries to confirm they were written when he claims they were.

“I just wanted this to stop. I had no intention of going through with this nonsense,” Chapman said.

He also suggested anyone who doubts his claims might do so because he is black.

“My skin is black and I’m in a society where minorities don’t really get favours,” he said.

Chapman and King agreed to a $25,000 confidentiality settlement in 2003 but in 2010, Chapman filed a $67-million lawsuit against the couple and the law firm where they worked. The lawsuit was later dropped and King pleaded guilty to a charge of professional misconduct.

The Law Society of Manitoba reprimanded him and ordered him to pay $13,650 in legal fees.

He has since returned to his practice.

Douglas has been on leave from the bench since August 2010 because of the judicial council investigation.

During the vetting process to become a judge, Douglas was asked whether anything in her past or present could reflect negatively on her or the judiciary. She answered “no.” This is the basis of one of the council’s allegations.

Douglas has blasted that charge, saying what happened was “well-known in the legal community” and even by the judicial committee that appointed her — right down to details about the nude photos. The chief justice of the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench was aware of the issue and supported her bid to become a judge, court documents state.

Douglas also takes issue with allegations she can no longer serve as a judge because of the public availability of the photos. She said Chapman is to blame for the exposure they have received as a result of violating the 2003 confidentiality agreement he struck with King.

Typical from racists sex freaks. Always blaming their victims.

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Pedophiles, perverts, bestiality, murder, terrorism and the like. Cynical Afrikan exposes the socially mal-adaptive practices of the most destructive beings in the known universe: Creatures who classify themselves as white.

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  1. Did I tell you I worked with a pedophile doctor? I’m not shockEd at all?

  2. Jon_ G on said:

    Two quotes come to mind…

    “the whole world is the white man’s brothel” – ronald hyam

    ‘If you do not understand [white racism] white supremacy … what it is, and how it works…everything else that you think you understand, will only confuse you.’ – Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.


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    high up and on the down low at all times

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    ROFL @ “The Bitch… Below she’s polluting water with her filthy white self.”

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