Racist Skateboarder Who Said He’d Been Attacked By Black Males Was Just Practicing White Supremacy

Racist suspect Rene Betancourt, a 22-year-old “white” skateboarder who was found battered and disoriented in his sister’s car by his parents, originally told investigators that he had been beaten and robbed by “4 to 5 unknown black males.”

A subsequent investigation was not yielding any leads, and now we know why.  On Friday, law enforcement released surveillance video from the parking garage where Betancourt was skating.  It showed him taking a nasty fall, striking his “white” head against a wall and falling, unconscious, to the ground.  His filthy shaggy mop of a head apparently provided precious little cushion against the reinforced concrete.

After about five minutes, Betancourt got up and stumbled to an elevator with his skateboard under his arm, limply leaning against the wall.  He was able to make several unanswered calls from his cell phone shortly after regaining consciousness at about 1:30 AM; one to a friend, and another to his younger sister.  Somehow, in his delirium, he made it to his sister’s borrowed car.

At some point, his parents called his cell phone and received only a confused answer.  They found him in relatively short order, still in his sister’s car, and rushed him to the Ryder Trauma Center, only minutes away, where he was to be treated for a fractured skull, a laceration to his head, and a potentially fatal blood clot in his brain.  The lying “white” sack of shit was not wearing a helmet at the time of the incident.

Shortly after he’d arrived at the ER, investigators began questioning him about his injuries.  They gleaned from his faint responses that he had been attacked by several black males.

The story quickly became hot news in Miami and an investigation was launched.  Jackson Memorial Hospital set up a donation fundfor his medical bills.  Miami Longboard Crew organized a fundraiser for their fellow skater in response to what Miami law enforcers had said was an apparent robbery, and sympathetic comments were made on Facebook by fundraiser organizer Jorge Garcia.

“This is truly disturbing,” Garcia wrote. “The foul souls responsible for this have tainted our sanctuary.” Hey Jorge! Eat shit and die will ya?

The lying son of a bitch known as Betancourt is recovering at home.  While he can speak with some difficulty and recognize family members, he cannot recall the incident, his mother said.  No charges are expected to be filed due to the head trauma the racist skateboarding freak sustained.

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Pedophiles, perverts, bestiality, murder, terrorism and the like. Cynical Afrikan exposes the socially mal-adaptive practices of the most destructive beings in the known universe: Creatures who classify themselves as white.

3 comments on “Racist Skateboarder Who Said He’d Been Attacked By Black Males Was Just Practicing White Supremacy

  1. This ol’ story still works I see. What about making false police report and all that?

    I have been called evil and mean at work on more than one occasion for my beliefs. They call me mean and evil and I have to ask them if they know what mean and evil is. Black people really irk me sometimes with their “protect massa” at all cost mentality. I saw a photo of a little white baby with freakishly big blue eyes and I said he looked like the demon seed. You should have seen the Negroes jump all over me. Of course me being me, I didn’t back down one inch, I don’t care for them and if you had some good sense, you wouldn’t either I said. It’s just a baby they said, that will grow up to oppress yours I said. You just mean and evil they said, you need to check history and the daily news and go stop by Cynical African for prime examples of mean and evil. I know we all be victims, but some enjoy being victims a little to much for me to stomach.

  2. Cynic:

    This again? Same old song…like the girl who threw acid in her own face…

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