Dark Knight Rising Terrorist Had A Sex Site Profile

The “white” terrorist Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes appeared to not only have an infatuation with “The Joker” character from the “Batman Dark Knight Rises” series but also a desire to connect online with women or couples for sexual interaction. New released photos of the “white” terrorist with his hair dyed red to resemble “The Joker” and information about Holmes Adult Friend Finder account earlier this morning. According to reports James Holmes spent “a lot” of time playing role playing or character games online, played soccer in high school and has always excelled as science.

The Aurora law enforcement are currently reviewing the Adult Friend Finder account attempting to verify the profile posted online does belong to the movie theater terrorist suspect.

Before James Holmes “lawyered-up” after the Colorado shooting, he reportedly told law enforcement officers he was “channeling” “The Joker,” the arch-nemesis of “Batman.” The photos of James Holmes taken after his arrest with bright red hair definitely resemble the classic comic book character.

The terrorism in Aurora’s Century 16 theater No. 9 is the largest mass shooting in United States history, according to the “white” media.

Early reports about James Holmes background noted he did not have any online profiles on Facebook, Twitter or other popular social networking websites. Although Aurora law enforcers are still in the process of verifying the information, Mediate reports James Holmes likely had an account on Adult Friend Finder. Photos and information posted on the profile of a man with the screen name, “Classic Jimbo” are presumed to belong to the suspected movie theater shooter.

The information on the James Holmes Adult Friend Finder account note the user is a “Gold” level member, – meaning the account has been used frequently for an extended period of time and therefore not likely a hoax created in the wake of the Aurora shooting.

The Adult Friend Finder account linked to James Holmes notes the user is seeking “casual sex” or “a fling.” “Will you visit me in prison?” – The Adult Friend Finder bio of user “Classic Jimbo” also states. The adult sexual connection website also shows several photos of a man with obviously dyed red hair which do appear to be the alleged movie theater shooter, James Holmes – but are still being reviewed by Colorado law enforcement officers for authentication.


Adultfriendfinder.com lists “ClassicJimbo” as a 24-year-old male who lives in Aurora, Colorado. The birthday listed for “ClassicJimbo” on the Adult Friend Finder profile is December 10-, 1987 and the birthday of James Egan Holmes is December 13, 1987. The difference in birth dates for “Classic Jimbo” and the movie theater terrorist suspect could be intention, a typo or mean the two individuals are not the same person. If the two men are not one in the same, the physical likeness is very uncanny.



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3 comments on “Dark Knight Rising Terrorist Had A Sex Site Profile

  1. I found a report this morning where An eyewitness reported that 10 shooting victims were Black. There were in the theater dead when police arrived. I don’t know if the shooting were racial or even if this report is true, but you’ll never hear this again.

    Also, in that same report, it is said that there were two shooters. Keep an eye on this story cause it will change.

    • From london i was wondering about the complexion of the victims. Also, you realise that in spite of the sheer numbers of these terrorists, they still get tagged as “psycho” whereas non whites who engage in even a quarter of this pathology are labelled criminal with the implication being that crime is a natural part of nonwhiteness whereas massacre is exclusive only to people who are mentally unstable or imbalanced.

  2. TracyG on said:

    Ok did he admit to and on a public website that he was a “short man” and why is this question even asked. Oh wow!!!

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