White Terrorist Masturbates In Public

This serial sexual terrorist from Seattle was caught forcing people to watch him masturbate while on his way to face indecent exposure charges in court.

Vladimir Mishkov, 26, boasts of having exposed his filthy “white” genitals ’200 to 300 times’ and has been charged with public masturbation in three different states.

In the latest incident, two weeks ago, Mishkov tricked a King County jail worker into glancing at his penis while preparing to face a jury on allegations he exposed himself in August to a barista at a SeTac coffee stand.

According to court documents, Mr Mishkov was being moved through the Norm Maleng Regional Justice Center, where he had been held on the earlier indecent exposure charges, and was preparing to change out of his jail uniform when he yelled at a nearby corrections worker to look at him.

The staff member turned to see the whitemare ‘fully exposed’ and masturbating, a Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention investigator told the court.

Oh, hell no,’ the woman said, prompting a second technician to look in the direction of the man, who was described as ‘sweaty’.

An investigator then confronted him but the whitemarish savage denied any wrongdoing.

Mishkov was subsequently taken to court and convicted of indecently exposing himself to two women at the Sweet Cheeks coffee stand – his fourth exposure conviction – and is now charged with the same offense for his most recent episode.

In court documents, prosecutors with King County describe Mishkov as a troubled man with a long history of forcing others to watch him please himself.

The coffee maker at the Sweet Cheeks stand, nick-named the ‘bikini barista’ because of her skimpy attire, spotted Mr Mishkov at 11pm on August 9 and phoned law enforcement.

Deputies told the court the man was still masturbating when they arrived on the scene and continued even after he was ordered to put his hands in the air.

When putting the man in the car, the “white” masturbator was advised of his rights and when asked why he was masturbating in the open he told the cops that he was ‘thinking of ways to kill himself’, deputies told the court. WTF?

Mishkov’s other prior convictions involved incidents outside a Redmond Linens ‘n’ Things store and a Taco Bell.

In the former, the sexual terrorist followed a woman around the store before leaving and masturbating naked in a Jeep parked in front of the exit. The woman saw him and reported the incident to authorities.

In the latter case, the “white” savage exposed himself to a Taco Bell employee working in the fast food outlet’s drive thru.

He was sentenced to 15 months in prison for the Redmond Linens ‘n’ Things incident and will be sentenced in the coffee shop flashing on July 13.

In my opinion the only way to put an end to this “white” terrorism is to castrate this savage.

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Pedophiles, perverts, bestiality, murder, terrorism and the like. Cynical Afrikan exposes the socially mal-adaptive practices of the most destructive beings in the known universe: Creatures who classify themselves as white.

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