The Hijacking Of Ifa

*Hat Tip: Kentake Malopenza

IFA is an ancient religious tradition from Western Africa. Many anthropologists consider that the approximate age of this religion is 10 000 years. For thousands of years cosmology, complicated ceremonies and initiations have been developed to the very high level and even now there is no need to append or to make any improvements in it.

Now Racist Man/Racist Woman, being the cultural bandits that they are, have infiltrated this religion. They are even given high positions such as Babalawo (Babaaláwo in full and pronounced Baba-a-láwo, literally meaning ‘father or master of the mysticism’ in the Yoruba language) which is a chieftaincy title that denotes a Priest of Ifa.

The spiritless “white” creature above is known as Oluwo Fagbamila Philip Neimark. This suspected pedophile, founder of the Ifa Foundation of North America, has devoted almost 40 years to the study,understanding and adjustments necessary to infiltrate, hijack and pervert this Afrikan religion.

Here are some of the members of this organization:


Iyanifa Olufadeke (Vassa) Co-Founder of the Ifa Foundation of North America, Inc. Priest of Ogun and Ifa. Artist & Healer. Advocate for Women’s role in Ifa.








luwo Ifafore (David Graham) Priest of Oya and Ifa, initiated bloodlessly. Businessman, conservationist, surfer and art enthusiast. With over 15 years experience in various spiritual paradigms, Ifafore is one of the pioineers of “bloodless” Ifa, an active teacher/mentor and an active environmentalist.






Oluwo Fagunwa Apesin Ayedun Ola (Robert Lavtar, PhD) is the founder of Center of Alternative Altorion in Slovenia (Europe) and runs it together with his wife Petra Lavtar Slapar (Iyanifa Ifamukomi Ayoola Elewa), he has primarily searched for, and found The Truth for himself. During his study of spiritual practices, Robert put to the test and mastered numerous practical philosophies and techniques from achievements of contemporary authors to ancient tradition of consecrated successors. All his knowledge is based on personal experience. All the methods were used first on himself, family members and then with hundreds of clients. From his point of view, his Center Altorion contains the best and the most efficient methods on this planet. The goal is a free, happy, fulfilled, fearless and powerful human being.



Last but not least…


Fajuitan ( Javier Lujan) initiated as Osun priest at the Ifa Foundation of North America, Inc. Subsequently became the first FLAMING FAGGOT initiated as a Babalawo at the Ifa Foundation of North America, Inc.





Now it’s just a matter of time for them to do exactly the same things that Christian priests have been doing for decades. Raping children.



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Pedophiles, perverts, bestiality, murder, terrorism and the like. Cynical Afrikan exposes the socially mal-adaptive practices of the most destructive beings in the known universe: Creatures who classify themselves as white.

7 comments on “The Hijacking Of Ifa

  1. Hijack is the right world, they have been doing this since time in memorial.

  2. I’m sickened. Tell me something…why do whites love us so much? They pirate our cultures, want our bodies and if they could, our souls…why the fascination? And the perversion that comes with it makes me sick to my stomach.

  3. Absolutely pitiful, revolting and disgusting….! Meda ase for this great article on the pimping of our culture Cynical Brotha. I see that cultural genocide is on the rise in the Afrikan world, we must take notice and make a decision of what we intend to do about this madness. And we Must also remember that the hijacking of Ifa would never be possible if coon ass uncle tom sell-out yurugu boot lickers did not WILLINGLY teach, educate and school yurugu (yt) people en masse, in Nigeria, Cuba, Brazil, the U.S.A. and various parts of the Caribbean kwk. The only way this will come to an end is when we Decide that All uncle tom negros who suffer from yurugu idol worship are the enemy and must be dealt with as such. Yes, it’s hard to admit but we better come to terms with it before it’s TOO LATE.

  4. Akosua on said:

    I wonder how many of the enemy will be initialted if they have to sacrifice a close relative or a head person who poses a threat to African’s world wide!

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