A Cynical Look At The White Race

Daily Archives: 05/22/2012



A “white” barbarian from Nova Scotia charged with murdering his fiancée has been found guilty of manslaughter. James Leopold, 33, was accused of killing Laura Lee Robertson, 47, in April 2011. He pleaded not guilty to a charge of second-degree murder, but the jury found him guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter.  Supreme Court…

White Beast’s Child Porn Stash: 30 000 Photos, 1 400 videos


30,000 photos and 1,400 videos. That’s the amount of child pornography material that this diabolical beast stored on one of his computers. John Christopher Baker, who faces federal counts of child pornography possession and distribution, has been down this road before. He’s listed on the Colorado Sex Offender Registry due to a 1998 conviction for sexual exploitation…