5 comments on “Becky Gets A Well Deserved Beatdown

  1. Kushite Prince on said:

    DAAAAAAMN!! She got her ass kicked!lol

  2. I missed it. Youtube removed it as we might get the wrong idea. PS they pretended the owner removed it. (okay Team, we believe you…)

    • You can try and watch it again. I was able to retrieve the beat down. 🙂

      • reminds me of the Mayweather Headbutt incident.
        funny thing is, I should have done that to some non-black the other day, as they too put in a CYNICAL foul when I was playing a match, and 3 weeks later, I still haven’t healed.
        thanks for the re-upload. I will share it with the little ones.

        and finally, that brings the scores to this:
        victims: 122
        team: 1,204,45675,334556,44344557,433423345,6775545,6775

        it might take a while but I am sure we can catch up.

  3. gimme some of that “black rage” against “white aggression.” self-defence can be effective, as Tray demonstrates

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