4 comments on “Faggotry At U.S. Kabul Embassy

  1. rudeboi on said:

    It ain’t that much alcohol in the world that cause me to at like that, so it must be already in them to play with each other like that.

  2. WhitesAreNotHuman on said:

    This is sick and disturbing. Seeing these white creatures behave like this confirms to me that they are animals. And these nasty sick beasts will blame their filth on the alcohol. No wonder these filthy creatures hate black men. Because black men are the original amongst dogs pretending they are human.

  3. Jon_G on said:

    What incentive does a Person of Colour [HUEman] (human) have to surrender to white beast ‘law enforcement’ they can rape or kkkill us at their will? Most of us remember the NYC 1997 sexaul rape and assault of Abner Louima who was forcibly sodomized with the handle of a toilet plunger by nyc kkkops volpe, the other four white kkkops bruder, schwarz, bellomo and wiese

  4. WhitesAreNotHuman on said:

    No humans would be behaving like these dogs. No wonder they classify dogs as their best friends. This type of behaviour is sickening. Whites are mentally ill.

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