4 comments on “White Fantasy

  1. dude this is just sick to the cord smh but i think rapeing the white women and children wouldnt be bad sense they did it to us

    • Bones on said:

      “but i think rapeing the white women and children wouldnt be bad sense they did it to us” Then unfortunately you’ll be just as savage as those thin faced stringy haired melanin deficient skin cancer ridden cave beasts. You’ll be exactly what these brain damaged monsters expect from a negro-and a pedophile at that.

  2. Kushite Prince on said:

    These pics are disgusting! I’m speechless!

  3. Any Black man that speaks of raping a white female most likely has some sick sexual fantasies about caucasian women. This is very sad indeed to think that even after we know that these caucasian beasts portray us this way and truly believe that our men are sexually obsessed with them….that there will still be Black men out here who will partake in sexual savagery with these people, and who will even go so far as to procreate with them and “marry” them. We cannot really get anymore sick that this right about now. The obsession that Afrikan people have with the caucasian race is beyond crack addiction and it can only be healed by years upon years of psychospiritual healing and demonic exorcism. Many of us as Afrikan people who lust after caucasians like dogs in heat are housing demonic forces within us and we don’t even know it.

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