20 comments on “White Man’s Best Friend

  1. rudeboi on said:

    Now this is how I like to see cave people….

    I don’t know if chimpout has got a load of your site yet but they have with whitewatch. They are calling it a bunch of Black crimes that the niggers are cutting and pasting white faces to. I love it because they can’t face the fact that they are a bunch of nasty animals.

  2. Mna nawe on said:

    Well…steve, what do you have to say for yourself, first the pie now the dog?

    • BLACKA!! on said:

      Or this is the cover of Ms. Pam’s new book called Bestiality: What they do when no little Black boys are around.

      Effing animals.

  3. VANESSA on said:

    I do believe this because it’s in the porn, whites with animals, whites allow their dogs to lick them in the mouth, they sleep with them, and hell u have this white woman with a monkey feeding it steaks, bathing with the monkey, and sleeping with him. He tore the best friends woman’s face off because he (the monkey) became jealous because too much attention was given to the friend and not to him………..LOL

  4. righteousVengance on said:

    “Our SICK white brothers….!”

  5. Trelee on said:

    I don’t get, how they’re ruling this world!!! SMH.

    • actually that picture explains everything. Think about it: a dog has been “trained” to “go down.” If they can do that to a dog – who they regard much higher than you and I – what do you think they can do with the coon squad, seeing that the “Team” (con)dominates all forms, streams, mechanisms and modes of socialisation????

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  7. TracyG on said:


  8. James on said:

    just goes to show that these devils will find any hole to put their dick in. I would love to see them try to fuck a fire ant hill >:)

  9. I love it keep posting

  10. S. Kujitambua on said:

    White people’s sexual depravity and degenerative qualities at its finest.

    Why would anyone want to do this?

    I will never understand their sick fascination with trying to fuck animals (or anything with a hole for that matter).

    Forcing a blow job from a innocent, defenseless animal? This is just sick. I feel so bad for that poor dog.

    Not only is he/she being sexually abused by their apparent master, the one he/she trusts to be looking out for his/her best interests, but it’s also being filmed, so the dog is being further exploited and humiliated for these degenerates’ leisure.

    There is something seriously wrong with these “people”….correction….SUB-HUMANS!

    This and many other instances has shown how inhumane they really are.

    They are worst than animals! Because even animals wouldn’t sink so low as the degenerates above.

    Creator help us! Rid us of these genetic recessive, humanoid terrorists! It’s time for them to go!

  11. nidotopianwarrior on said:

    utterly disgusting. Here in the Caribbean, these tourists that come off the cruise ships they love to pet the stray dogs, the smelly, mangy old dogs and one tourist even took a stray dog back to their country….

  12. Helen Brown on said:

    I am Black woman, Animals are very trusting I think this is animal abuse. The dog should bite his penis off he a revolting demonic dirtbag. Animals are innocent they should not be abused. To think these vile things had enslaved us for 467 years imagine the demonic acts they did upon us.

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