Strange fruit

On December 3rd 2010, the body of Frederick Jermaine Carter, 26, was found hanging from an oak tree in the predominately White North Greenwood area of Leflore County. The young man lived in neighboring Sunflower County, located several miles away.

The local authorities ruled the death a suicide but we all know that those who classify themselves as “White”speak with a forked tongue.

The area where the victim was found is an area that Africans do not go to because they usually get harassed and stopped by the police according to what residents have said. So why would this young man go way over there to commit suicide? According to Brenda Carter, her son loved life too much to commit such an act.

County Sheriff Ricky Banks reportedly told the media the young man had a “mental condition and a history of wandering off.”   He also publicly stated that he saw no signs at the scene pointing towards it being a crime or murder. “There is no sign that we could find whatsoever that anyone else was involved. I haven’t seen anything to change my mind, and I’m looking really hard,” said Sheriff Banks  to the media.

State Senator David jordan went to the scene and noticed that the place was not blocked off. There was no yellow tape.

Dissatisfied with the conflicting statements from the police, the victim’s family is reaching out to Attorney General Eric Holder to order an investigation on the federal level.

A waste of time in my opinion.  I doubt that the Federal Bureau of Investigation will do anything to get the racists/white supremacists that commited the lynching. The record shows that the FBI doesn’t have Black  interests at heart. As a matter of fact, in my opinion, FBI  stands for Fuck Black Interests.

To understand my skepticism about the Bureau, I recommend you to read Racial Matters: The FBI’s secret files on Black America 1960-1972 -by Kenneth O’Reilly.

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Pedophiles, perverts, bestiality, murder, terrorism and the like. Cynical Afrikan exposes the socially mal-adaptive practices of the most destructive beings in the known universe: Creatures who classify themselves as white.

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