A Cynical Look At The White Race

White Cop From The Motherland Of Pedophilia, U.K., Plotted A Diabolical Fantasy To Conceive A Baby To Rape And Abuse

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*Hat Tip: Anoni Mous A white former law enforcement officer plotted to conceive a baby – so he and other white pedophiles could rape and abuse the child. Disgraced Alexander McCracken shared vile fantasies of raping and murdering children with his then-girlfriend Sharon Campbell. And cops who raided the incestuous white pedophile’s home found hundreds of hardcore child…

Creepy Honky Arrested After Seeking Sex From Students “Playing Hooky” On Craiglist Ad

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A peckerwood from Minnesota was busted in an underage-sex sting after posting a creepy Craigslist ad looking for young truants, authorities said. “Who’s playing hooky from school today???” read the notice, published on the “Casual Encounters” section of the site. Donald Tisdale, 58, was cruising for a child sex partner, but he landed a date…

Three Savages Jailed For 14-Years For Plotting To Sexually Terrorize Children

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Three honks from Barrow have been jailed for their part in plotting to sexually abuse children. Cops were alerted to graphic text messages between Kevin and Susan Barnett and arrested the pair of savages last June. During the investigation officers found graphic text messages between Nikita Moore and Kevin Barnett and she was also arrested. Kevin Barnett,…